Bulk Whatsapp(W.A Marketing)

WhatsApp is an active messaging application used by its users to interact with family, friends and business contacts. With innovative mobile marketing strategies in the market, WhatsApp allows companies to send bulk messages to the customers.Like Social Media Channels, WhatsApp to have become ubiquitous as a top-ranked messaging APP. It is the most sought-after messaging application in the world, The Social Media leader in all the Messaging app World is Whatsapp (a pun on the phrase “what’s up”), with 1.6 billion monthly active users around the world. That kind of high market penetration can’t be ignored.

Marketing on W-h-a-t-s-A-p-p may not be getting a lot of attention nowadays, but it’s a next big thing. • It’s open for all and free to use. • It lets you send photos, eBooks/ pdf, brochures, and catalogs. • Ask for feedback directly from customers / which make this platform best survey tool. • You can use it for official and formal group discussions and meetings. • As a messaging app, it lets you send different alerts about new events and sales. The WhatsApp homepage description written by a co-founder Jan-Khoum titled, “Why We Don’t Sell-Ads.” What he really meant is that there are no branded profile pages for Advertisement. For your audience to be aware of you on WhatsApp, you need to tell them.Since WhatsApp doesn’t sell ad space or had any business-specific features (yet), you need to have to be innovative in your marketing approach.